The Boardwalk Chic

The Boardwalk Chic

Nadri bracelet

Gee Beauty eye makeup
$130 - eluxe.ca

Watercolor Teal Peacock Painting print version

The sun is shining, and a fresh summer breeze is blowing. A day for strolling down the boardwalk. You can practically smell that saltwater taffy and fried dough. Mmm, so delicious! Maybe you'll go for a run after seconds. ;)
Bright, cheery, and colorful is what describes this outfit best. A laid-back light blue dress with a bow and bicycle designs- can it be any cuter? Pair it with some bright yellow lace flats, a fashionable white bag, and then glam-it-up with some makeup.
You're ready to hit the boardwalk!

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