Our names are Kendall and Tiana, and we recently got more interested in the world of fashion.  We are two girls who simply adore fashion, shopping, clothes, and style!
On the weekends we like to go out to the beach, mall, movies, and other places to have a good time and hang out.  A cool fact about us is that we share similar interests, like the same favorite book and TV series: Pretty Little Liars.  Also, right now our favorite colors of the season are Tiffany blue and mint green.  <3

Our blog was created for one purpose- to share our love of fashion with the world.  It was named "THIRTEEN" because thirteen is the age when young girls finally become teenagers, and later adults.  We believe that thirteen is a special age that is full of change, finding yourself, and searching for your own personal style.

This blog features some styles and outfits we created ourselves through websites like Polyvore, and some links to other great sites.  We also post clothing/fashion/beauty hauls, reviews, ways to save and spend money, and other fashion tips and tricks.
Our hope is that we can help you girls out in some stylish way!

♥ Kendall & Tiana ♥