School Days: Dress up your Jeans!

School Days: Dress up your Jeans!

Paige Denim long jeans

Backpack bag

Fancy ring
$16 - topvintage.nl

Want to dress up your typical boring pair of jeans? Here's how!
Start off with your favorite pair of denim jeans (Of course). Then, put on a collared, off-white button-up top. Kind of boring, right? Spice up your outfit with a red blazer and some cute, darker red ballet flats. (Red is a huge trend this fall)
Accessorize with an adorable mustache necklace and matching ring. Swipe some cream blush onto your cheeks for a rosy glow that will last all day, and finish with your favorite lip balm to keep your lips soft and moisturized. Finally, grab your backpack and head out the door!
You're ready for school looking chic, trendy, and put-together while feeling comfy in your jeans.

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Summer Accessories & Other Items Haul

We know, this post is REALLY late...sorry!  Summer's almost over :'(

Today we are going to be doing a haul on Summer Accessories & Other Items. This is the second part of our "Summer Clothing Haul." Hope you all enjoy, and let's get started!


This is a simple gold necklace with a heart pendant. Perfect for everyday wear.(I also got this in silver) 

A set of eight silver bangles "Dimpled Bangles".  Lightweight.

A cute peach & cream colored bow ring. Love it! I've been wearing this everyday. :)  

A simple silver ring with heart cut-outs. 

SHOP NOW: http://www.claires.com

Bags & Purses

A striped messenger styled bag with an adjustable strap. So many bright summer colors! Original price unknown.
(On sale for $12)

SHOP NOW: http://www.aeropostale.com

A navy blue messenger bag/tote- perfect for school and all those books!
$98 (?)

SHOP NOW: http://www.abercrombie.com

I've mentioned this bag before!  A bright pink and red makeup/travel bag.
Price unknown.

SHOP NOW: http://www.stevemadden.com

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