Let's go to Paris~

Let's go to Paris~

Strapless lace dress

Graphic top

Rag & bone/JEAN distressed shorts
$210 - net-a-porter.com

Vans navy shoes
$49 - def-shop.com

Blue Nile bow necklace

Laura mercier

You don't have to travel to amazing places like Paris to enjoy your summer. You can have the time of your life right where you are! 

This simple ensemble is perfect for any summer day, whether you're wandering around Paris or having a girl day with your friends.

Start with a cute graphic tank and pair it with some light distressed shorts. Slip on your favorite pair of sneakers and a dainty bow necklace and you're ready for a day full of fun! A braided hairstyle like Bethany's is perfect with this outfit. 

For the girls out there who love dresses, just trade the tank and shorts for a cute lace dress. Don't worry about switching the shoes, sneakers make outfit more casual and comfortable!

Now you look ready to roam the city of Paris, even if you're just having fun in the sun with your girls.


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Teenage Mess

Teenage Mess

$98 - topshop.com

Wildfox Couture print shirt
$105 - harrods.com

Flat shoes

Wallis cross body handbag

ferris wheel swing carnival photo print - whimsical fine art landscape...

Teens live for summertime. There's an undeniable love for the season. So many places to go, so many things to do - you shouldn't have to worry about what to wear!
This year, rock a bright, fun, flirty, and totally stylish outfit. Going to the beach? Carnival? Exploring the town? This ensemble is perfect for you!
Start with a simple but cute top and dress it up with some embellishments. Pick a trendy pair of summer shorts, get some fashionable sandals, grab your bag, and you're ready to go!
Want something a little more dressed up? Don't worry! Just switch out the top and shorts for a cute summery dress.
Now you're all set to go on your perfect summer adventure! Don't be surprised if you get some compliments. ;)

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Summer Days

Summer Days

Vintage tank top

Zara shorts

H m

Whether you're roaming the streets of New York or walking along a beach in LA, this casual outfit will keep you cool and trendy.

Start with your favorite graphic crop top and pair of colored shorts. Slip on some strappy sandals and an infinity ring, then grab your favorite cross-body bag and head out the door.

Now you're rocking a cute, casual outfit perfect for a summer day full of adventure.

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