This or That Tag

Hey Girls!

Today we are going to be doing the This or That Tag. There are six different categories; Makeup, Nails, Body, Fashion, Hair, & Random, that ask "This or That" questions between two different items.  These are our honest and truthful opinions.  Now let's answer some questions!  :)

Blush or bronzer?
K- Blush!  Makes those cheeks rosy and cute.  Lol.
T- Hmm.. I actually have naturally rosy cheeks, but I still prefer blush over bronzer.
Lip gloss or lip stick?
K- I would go with lip gloss.  It's shinier and you can get glitter gloss!  So pretty.
T- Lip gloss! It looks more natural and I've always loved it as a little girl.
Eye liner or mascara?
K- I would go with mascara.  In my opinion it's way easier to apply mascara than eye liner, and mascara really enhances your face.
T- Mascara. Eyeliner looks a bit too heavy and mascara really opens up your eyes. 
Foundation or concealer?
K- It's amazing what concealer can do for a girl!  It helps to cover blemishes and acne.  I don't think too much is good either, but only for the days you absolutely must.  Concealer, definitely.
T- I don't use either on a regular basis, but I would prefer foundation (to use where you would usually use concealer) because it's a bit lighter, and my skin really doesn't have any problems- no acne, discoloration, or blemishes. Also, If you want more coverage, you can always apply the foundation more thickly to replace concealer! My absolute favorite face product is tinted moisturizer because it gives really light coverage. I feel that makeup shouldn't be used to hide your face, it should just lightly enhance your features.
Neutral or color eye shadow?
K- It really depends on the occasion.  If you're trying something fun or going out to a party, colors are something to try.  However, on a regular basis neutral is the way to go.
T- Neutral. I love bright colors, but they can be a bit too much. I love putting a bright purple or turquoise on my lower lash line to give a pop of color, though!
Pressed or loose eye shadows?
K- Since I'm not that familiar with loose eye shadow, I would say pressed.
T- Pressed. Loose eye shadows get so messy! So much fallout... 
Brushes or sponges?
K- I prefer brushes over sponges.  I feel that they are more practical and in my case, gives me a better final product.
T- Brushes. They are easier to work and blend with. Also, sponges are not as hygienic, they can harvest a lot of bacteria. (You don't want all that stuff on your face!) 

OPI or china glaze?
K- OPI.  Whenever I use OPI polishes I'm always happy with the result.  I also like Essie products- so cute!
T- Personally, I like both. China Glaze has some of my FAVORITE colors (For Audrey, Ruby Pumps, Flip Flop Fantasy) but I prefer OPI because the brush is bigger, less streaky, and they last longer on my nails. Also, China Glaze polishes tend to get thick more quickly. (Other favorites are Butter London and Essie! I love Essie's "Bikini so Teeny.")
Long or short?
K- Long nails can be cute, but I like short better.  They are easier to maintain and don't make clacking noises when I play the piano.
T- Short, but not too short. Since I'm a musician, I have to keep them pretty short. I also hate when my nails are really long and then they break. Ouch! :/
Acrylic or natural?
K- Like Tiana I've never had acrylic nails, so I like natural better!  Haha :)
T- Natural. I've never had acrylics but I heard that they ruin your natural nails.
Brights or darks?
K- I hardly ever use dark nail polish, and I find that I like brighter colors better.  Glitter top coats are another favorite!
T- Brights! I love bright, happy colors. Although, I love a deep raspberry for the fall!
Flower or no flower?
K- No flower.  I like painting my nails one color, letting it dry, and then adding some kind of design like polka dots or stripes.
T- This usually depends if I'm getting it done, or doing it myself. (I usually do them myself.) If I'm getting my toes done, I'll get a flower sometimes. Otherwise, I love doing french tips, ombre, stripes, and other cute designs!