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Today we are going to be doing the This or That Tag. There are six different categories; Makeup, Nails, Body, Fashion, Hair, & Random, that ask "This or That" questions between two different items.  These are our honest and truthful opinions.  Now let's answer some questions!  :)

Blush or bronzer?
K- Blush!  Makes those cheeks rosy and cute.  Lol.
T- Hmm.. I actually have naturally rosy cheeks, but I still prefer blush over bronzer.
Lip gloss or lip stick?
K- I would go with lip gloss.  It's shinier and you can get glitter gloss!  So pretty.
T- Lip gloss! It looks more natural and I've always loved it as a little girl.
Eye liner or mascara?
K- I would go with mascara.  In my opinion it's way easier to apply mascara than eye liner, and mascara really enhances your face.
T- Mascara. Eyeliner looks a bit too heavy and mascara really opens up your eyes. 
Foundation or concealer?
K- It's amazing what concealer can do for a girl!  It helps to cover blemishes and acne.  I don't think too much is good either, but only for the days you absolutely must.  Concealer, definitely.
T- I don't use either on a regular basis, but I would prefer foundation (to use where you would usually use concealer) because it's a bit lighter, and my skin really doesn't have any problems- no acne, discoloration, or blemishes. Also, If you want more coverage, you can always apply the foundation more thickly to replace concealer! My absolute favorite face product is tinted moisturizer because it gives really light coverage. I feel that makeup shouldn't be used to hide your face, it should just lightly enhance your features.
Neutral or color eye shadow?
K- It really depends on the occasion.  If you're trying something fun or going out to a party, colors are something to try.  However, on a regular basis neutral is the way to go.
T- Neutral. I love bright colors, but they can be a bit too much. I love putting a bright purple or turquoise on my lower lash line to give a pop of color, though!
Pressed or loose eye shadows?
K- Since I'm not that familiar with loose eye shadow, I would say pressed.
T- Pressed. Loose eye shadows get so messy! So much fallout... 
Brushes or sponges?
K- I prefer brushes over sponges.  I feel that they are more practical and in my case, gives me a better final product.
T- Brushes. They are easier to work and blend with. Also, sponges are not as hygienic, they can harvest a lot of bacteria. (You don't want all that stuff on your face!) 

OPI or china glaze?
K- OPI.  Whenever I use OPI polishes I'm always happy with the result.  I also like Essie products- so cute!
T- Personally, I like both. China Glaze has some of my FAVORITE colors (For Audrey, Ruby Pumps, Flip Flop Fantasy) but I prefer OPI because the brush is bigger, less streaky, and they last longer on my nails. Also, China Glaze polishes tend to get thick more quickly. (Other favorites are Butter London and Essie! I love Essie's "Bikini so Teeny.")
Long or short?
K- Long nails can be cute, but I like short better.  They are easier to maintain and don't make clacking noises when I play the piano.
T- Short, but not too short. Since I'm a musician, I have to keep them pretty short. I also hate when my nails are really long and then they break. Ouch! :/
Acrylic or natural?
K- Like Tiana I've never had acrylic nails, so I like natural better!  Haha :)
T- Natural. I've never had acrylics but I heard that they ruin your natural nails.
Brights or darks?
K- I hardly ever use dark nail polish, and I find that I like brighter colors better.  Glitter top coats are another favorite!
T- Brights! I love bright, happy colors. Although, I love a deep raspberry for the fall!
Flower or no flower?
K- No flower.  I like painting my nails one color, letting it dry, and then adding some kind of design like polka dots or stripes.
T- This usually depends if I'm getting it done, or doing it myself. (I usually do them myself.) If I'm getting my toes done, I'll get a flower sometimes. Otherwise, I love doing french tips, ombre, stripes, and other cute designs!

Perfume or body splash?
K- Certain perfumes smell great, but body splashes are my favorite.  My favorite scents are all body splashes!
T- I like both, but I feel I wear body splashes more often. They're much lighter and perfumes can sometimes be too overwhelming.
Lotion or body butter?
K- Lotions!  They are perfect for an everyday use, and I find they satisfy my needs perfectly.  Lotions leave my skin soft and smooth.
T- On a regular basis, I would have to say lotion. I absolute LOVE body butters, but they usually come in tubs which isn't very hygienic. I also don't need all the moisture that a body butter gives, so I usually only use them in the winter.
Body wash or soap?
K- I like soap better.  I've tried many body washes, but I always go back to the basic Dove soap.  It's simple and inexpensive, but does its job.  After showering I always feel clean.
T- Body wash! Bars of soap melt in your shower, which wastes a lot of the product. Also, soap tends to be less moisturizing than body wash. (My skin always feels rubbery when I use it) Body wash is much more convenient, moisturizing, and there is more of a variety of them!
Lush or other bath company?
K- Other company!  More specifically, Bath & Body Works.  Some of my all time favorite products are from there- other places just can't beat it!  Another great factor about the store is that there is always some kind of sale going on, and you'll get the best deals for your money.  (But then I just buy too much...does that happen to any of you too?)
T- I've only tried Lush once, and I was pretty impressed with their products, but I prefer Bath & Body Works because it's more budget friendly, and their products are more appealing to me. I love, love, love everything there!

Jeans or sweat pants?
K- Jeans, jeans, jeans!  They go with just about anything, and they are comfortable and practical.  You can dress them up for fancier occasions or just throw on a simple t-shirt for school.
T- Jeans! I'm one of those people who always feel comfortable in jeans. They're casual but can be dressed up.
Long sleeve or short?
K- No doubt about it- short sleeves.  During the day in the sun, I overheat in long sleeves.  They are perfect for winter, but not great for summertime.
T- Short. Long sleeves can get too hot and short sleeves are much more comfortable.
Dresses or skirts?
K- Dresses if you want to be a little more "dressed-up".  Haha, get it?  But I own more skirts and they are more suitable for school and the weekends.
T- Hmm... I like both. I have more dresses than skirts, but I think I like skirts better. They're easier to manage and are more casual.
Stripes or plaid?
K- Ok.  Stripes remind me of sailors and plaid reminds me of the country.  Sailors?  Country?  Both super adorable!  All-in-all I have to say stripes.
T- Stripes, stripes, stripes! I like plaid too, but I feel stripes suit me better. Also, stripes never go out of style!
Flip flops or sandals?
K- Flip flops for the beach, but sandals can dress up any outfit.
T- Both! Flip flops are comfy, but sandals can be a bit more unique. (I went through a huge sandal phase a year ago!)
Scarves or hats?
K- Scarves!  Last year I got into scarves, and I would wear one a few times a week.  I was so fashion-obsessed that I practically studied all the different ways to wear scarves.
T- Definitely scarves. My love for scarves started in fourth grade, when I received one for my birthday! I'm not a hat person...I don't own any. Lol. :)
Studs or dangly earrings?
K- Personally I don't like studs.  It's an extra step to put the backing on, and I lose the pieces so easily.  Dangly earrings on the other hand are just one slide, and they come in more variety!
T- Dangly! I love dangly earrings. I think that they're prettier than studs and come in more of a variety.
Necklaces or bracelets?
K- Bracelets!  I really don't like securing the necklaces behind my neck.  Plus, I have a bad memory with necklaces.  I received a beautiful Tiffany & Co. necklace for Christmas and now I can't find it.  (I swear someone stole it from my locker.)  I don't hate all necklaces though- certain ones are a great accessory.
T- This one is really hard. I wear both on a daily basis but I think I'll have to choose necklaces. I have really tiny wrists so bracelets tend to be too big and chunky. They also tend to get in the way of my daily routines (ex: washing my hands, practicing instruments, cooking, etc) while with necklaces, I don't even feel them there.
Heels or flats?
K- Heels are great for special occasions (and they make you taller!) but I prefer flats.  Especially ballet flats! I bought a pair and I wear them so often.  One of my best buys.  :)
T- Flats. Heels are cute, but flats are much more casual and better for everyday wear. Although, I love wearing heels! I'm one of those people who can walk a mile in heels with my feet hurting. (Is anyone else like that? O.o)
Cowboy boots or riding boots?
K- I don't have an opinion on this one.  I pretty much never wear boots.
T- I don't wear boots, but I would choose riding boots.
Jacket or hoodie?
K- Hoodies are cute, but they mess up my hair and get caught on my earrings.  Jackets are better.
T- Jackets. I like hoodies too, but I own more jackets than hoodies and they're easier to put on.
Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe?
K- I own way more clothes and accessories from Forever 21 than Charlotte Russe, so Forever 21!
T- Forever 21. The stores are pretty similar, but I tend to go to Forever 21 more often. Although, I absolutely love some of the Charlotte Russe dresses!
Abercombie or Hollister
K- Hollister.  Abercrombie is a little too pricey, but I have bought a really cute bag from there. :)
T- They're basically the same store, just with different prints. I feel I go to Abercrombie more though because they have great deals online.
Saks 5th or Nordstrom
K- Nordstrom!
T- Nordstrom. I've never been to Saks 5th.

Curly or straight?
K- Straight hair!  It suits me a little better, but I really like light curls.
T- Straight. My hair is naturally really straight and smooth so it's easy to maintain. I love softly curling my hair with a flat iron sometimes too!
Bun or ponytail?
K- I wear ponytails more often, and I like them better.  Recently, I've been getting into buns more.
T- Ponytail. It's much easier and more comfy. Buns are super cute too, but ponytails are more convenient. I love my top-knot too, though.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips?
K- Bobby pins!  So useful.
T- Bobby pins. They're more discreet.
Hair spray or gel?
K- Hairspray because it's easier to use and gel gets is too sticky and gooey.
T- Definitely spray. Gel is too heavy and sticky, and it can be quite messy. 
Long or short?
K- I prefer long hair because it just suits me better!  Short hair looks great on some people, but on me it would be a disaster. 
T- Long! Long hair looks better on me and my hair is still easy to maintain when it's long. You can do a lot more with long hair than short too. (Ex: braid, curl, put it up, etc.)
Light or dark?
K- Both looks great.  I have light brown hair so I'm in between.
T- Dark, just because I have dark hair, and it tends to contrast better with what I wear, but light hair is pretty too!
Side sweep bangs or full bangs?
K- I have side bangs, but when I was young I had front bangs.
T- I have no bangs, just layers, but I prefer side sweep bangs. (I'm thinking of getting some soon! What do you guys think?)
Up or down?
K- In elementary school my hair was always down, then in 6th grade always up, and now- mostly down!
T- Down. My hair is always down. I like my hair to frame my face.

Rain or shine?
K- For a beach day- definitely sunny!  But the rain can be peaceful at times and I like hearing it patter on the roof.  Also, it waters the plants and makes the planet look greener.  :)
T- I like both! It depends what mood I'm in, but usually shine. (Not too sunny though) Although, I have some really fun memories in the rain! ;)
Summer or winter?
K- This is a really hard question for me.  Summer is full of beach days but winter is snow days!  I like winter a little better though because summer can be too hot.
T- Again, I like both. I like the winter weather better, but I love summer break! :)
Fall or spring?
K- The changing colors of leaves during the fall season is pretty, but I like spring better.  Easter!
T- Spring. I love the Spring weather, and everything seems so bright and happy!
Chocolate or vanilla?
K- I'm a chocoholic, but I like the scent of vanilla over chocolate.
T- Both! It depends what it is. For example; I prefer vanilla ice cream, but chocolate cake.
East coast or west coast
K- East coast!  I live in the west so going to the east coast is a nice change.
T- West coast. East coast is really cool, but the weather is a bit too intense for me, super hot and humid in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter. I prefer the west coast weather.


We tag all of you to do this- make sure to leave a comment telling us if you do!

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