The Belle Blog Award

Hey girls!

We have some exciting news for you...

We have been awarded "The Belle Blog" award!

Thank you so much to Morgan from What's Hawt and What's Nawt for nominating us for this award!
The Rules:
1. Write 3 facts about yourself
2. Answer questions the tagger asked you
3. Tag 3 other blogs
4. Ask 3 new questions for them
5. You can't tag the person who tagged you!

Kendall's Facts:

1. This is random, but right now I really want a pair of red sneakers!  I think it would be such a great accent for my outfits and add a nice pop of color.  I'm thinking of buying some from VANS or Converse.  (Or should I just wait until Christmas...?)
2. I dressed up as a sailor (at school) and Hello Kitty (at night) on Halloween.  My friend helped me make my sailor costume, but I bought the Hello Kitty one at a Halloween store.  Did any of you guys dress up?  If so leave a comment telling us who you were!
3. My favorite celebrity right now is Taylor Swift.  I absolutely adore her classy style and love her new album, "RED."  She's so different from a lot of other superstars and Taylor is a good role model and inspiration.  My favorite song on her album right now is "Begin Again."  

Tiana's Facts:

1. My current favorite colors for fall are raspberry and navy! Navy is such a classic color for everything and raspberry looks gorgeous on my nails. I recently bought a pair of raspberry-colored wedges- love them!
2. I recently acted in a television commercial, where I was their featured hair model advertising a new line of hair products. It will be broadcasted in Japan, China, Korea, and Singapore in the near future. I've also done two different magazine fashion ads in various parts of the world throughout this past year.
3. My nails are painted a pink and raspberry colored ombre, and my toes are painted a beautiful raspberry color with glittery silver and pink stripes- so cute!

Tagger's Questions:

(Morgan didn't leave any questions for us, so we just used the ones from her post).
1. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
K- Hopefully where I want to be!  Just like Tiana I want to be at an esteemed college studying medicine.  Maybe at that point I will be able to travel the world to places I've always dreamed of.  I wouldn't mind up-keeping this blog either.
T- I will be 23 years-old at that point, so I hope that I'll be at an exceptionally ranked university studying medicine, while furthering my career in music. I also hope to have a hobby with fashion and beauty too!
2. Do you prefer writing in a notebook or on the computer and why?
K- I like to keep personal notebooks; however I prefer typing on a computer just because it's so much faster.
T- In class, I get notes down much faster on a computer, but I love writing in a notebook because I like to color-code my notes, and I can doodle in it! :) When I'm writing stories, I prefer a computer because it's quicker and neater.
3. What's your favorite thing to write about on your blog?
K- My favorite thing to write about on our blog has to be either reviews or Polyvore posts.  I love to share my opinions on different products, and equally enjoy creating new ensembles of clothes on Polyvore.  :)
T- Honestly, I love writing everything on our blog! My absolute favorites would have to be tags with questions like the This or That Tag and the 25 Random Questions Tag that we've done on our blog before. They get me thinking about my interests and they're just really fun to do!

Our Questions:

1. What is your favorite fall trend?
2. If you could have one superpower what would you choose and why?
3. What is your favorite store and makeup product?  Why?


1. Hannah from Lights. Camera. Fashion.

2. Jackie from The Fashion It List


If you were nominated, leave a comment below telling us when you do the award! We'd love to read your post. :)

Kendall & Tiana


This or That Tag

Hey Girls!

Today we are going to be doing the This or That Tag. There are six different categories; Makeup, Nails, Body, Fashion, Hair, & Random, that ask "This or That" questions between two different items.  These are our honest and truthful opinions.  Now let's answer some questions!  :)

Blush or bronzer?
K- Blush!  Makes those cheeks rosy and cute.  Lol.
T- Hmm.. I actually have naturally rosy cheeks, but I still prefer blush over bronzer.
Lip gloss or lip stick?
K- I would go with lip gloss.  It's shinier and you can get glitter gloss!  So pretty.
T- Lip gloss! It looks more natural and I've always loved it as a little girl.
Eye liner or mascara?
K- I would go with mascara.  In my opinion it's way easier to apply mascara than eye liner, and mascara really enhances your face.
T- Mascara. Eyeliner looks a bit too heavy and mascara really opens up your eyes. 
Foundation or concealer?
K- It's amazing what concealer can do for a girl!  It helps to cover blemishes and acne.  I don't think too much is good either, but only for the days you absolutely must.  Concealer, definitely.
T- I don't use either on a regular basis, but I would prefer foundation (to use where you would usually use concealer) because it's a bit lighter, and my skin really doesn't have any problems- no acne, discoloration, or blemishes. Also, If you want more coverage, you can always apply the foundation more thickly to replace concealer! My absolute favorite face product is tinted moisturizer because it gives really light coverage. I feel that makeup shouldn't be used to hide your face, it should just lightly enhance your features.
Neutral or color eye shadow?
K- It really depends on the occasion.  If you're trying something fun or going out to a party, colors are something to try.  However, on a regular basis neutral is the way to go.
T- Neutral. I love bright colors, but they can be a bit too much. I love putting a bright purple or turquoise on my lower lash line to give a pop of color, though!
Pressed or loose eye shadows?
K- Since I'm not that familiar with loose eye shadow, I would say pressed.
T- Pressed. Loose eye shadows get so messy! So much fallout... 
Brushes or sponges?
K- I prefer brushes over sponges.  I feel that they are more practical and in my case, gives me a better final product.
T- Brushes. They are easier to work and blend with. Also, sponges are not as hygienic, they can harvest a lot of bacteria. (You don't want all that stuff on your face!) 

OPI or china glaze?
K- OPI.  Whenever I use OPI polishes I'm always happy with the result.  I also like Essie products- so cute!
T- Personally, I like both. China Glaze has some of my FAVORITE colors (For Audrey, Ruby Pumps, Flip Flop Fantasy) but I prefer OPI because the brush is bigger, less streaky, and they last longer on my nails. Also, China Glaze polishes tend to get thick more quickly. (Other favorites are Butter London and Essie! I love Essie's "Bikini so Teeny.")
Long or short?
K- Long nails can be cute, but I like short better.  They are easier to maintain and don't make clacking noises when I play the piano.
T- Short, but not too short. Since I'm a musician, I have to keep them pretty short. I also hate when my nails are really long and then they break. Ouch! :/
Acrylic or natural?
K- Like Tiana I've never had acrylic nails, so I like natural better!  Haha :)
T- Natural. I've never had acrylics but I heard that they ruin your natural nails.
Brights or darks?
K- I hardly ever use dark nail polish, and I find that I like brighter colors better.  Glitter top coats are another favorite!
T- Brights! I love bright, happy colors. Although, I love a deep raspberry for the fall!
Flower or no flower?
K- No flower.  I like painting my nails one color, letting it dry, and then adding some kind of design like polka dots or stripes.
T- This usually depends if I'm getting it done, or doing it myself. (I usually do them myself.) If I'm getting my toes done, I'll get a flower sometimes. Otherwise, I love doing french tips, ombre, stripes, and other cute designs!


Guest Blogger - Amber

Hi there, viewers of THIRTEEN! I'm Amber, and I get to be a guest blogger, courtesy of my friends, Kendall and Tiana. Well… since today's my first blog post, I will introduce myself.

Name: Amber
Age: 13
Birthday: August 11, 1999
Favorite foods: chocolate, cupcakes, ice cream
Favorite color: lavender, baby blue, soft pink.
Favorite Scent: Fresh picked apples/peaches/strawberries and warm vanilla sugar from Bath and Body Works.
I started getting interested in fashion when I entered middle school.

OK. Enough about me. I want to know about you guys. What do you want to read from this blog? Please comment and tell us what you want to see from this blog!

Well… for this post, I will write about the most basic fashion sense you can use. If you're new to the fashion world, great. You can use this technique to gain a lot of fashion sense. If you're a veteran, well… think of it as a review. The most basic and easiest fashion sense I will teach you right now is to observe people who you like their style or the clothes they're wearing. You might be in a trance of state where you want to start on fashion, but don't know where to start. Well, for those beginners, it will be best to observe what other people's coordination are. You can also look in fashion magazines, TV, even walk around town to look at many people dressing in their very own style. If you find something or someone in which you like, you should start to think of what kind of clothes and styles you want to try out in detail. Don't try so hard, and find a style that YOU love that makes you feel good and confident.

Using something that stands out paired with a something simple is easy to try out, hard to look bad in, and you can follow your own style depending on how you pair it up. For example, a frilly skirt with a plain top is simple, yet cute.

That's it for today. Hope to see you again soon!


Chinese Apparel

Exciting news!

Chinese Apparel - an online clothing store from China - recently contacted us wanting to become business partners. 

They are currently having a great deal where you get a free watch, pair of earrings, or a necklace with a purchase of $50 or more!

Click here to read more about their deal.

Their online store has some very cute items so check it out!

Visit their website and Facebook page:


We are not being paid to make this post. All opinions are our own.


Bath & Body Works Fall Collection

Hey everyone,

We're back and posting!  I know, its been a long time.  We got back from our trips awhile ago, but then school started.  You know how hectic life can get with work and other activities.

However, we will find time for our blog and start posting again regularly.  There is much in store for all of our wonderful readers.  Look forward to many great upcoming beauty and fashion posts for fall.  We are so excited, are you?

Technically it isn't fall just yet, but both of us can't wait.  We know we aren't the only ones because stores have already come out with fall merchandise.  Some stores even have winter items!

Anyways, one of our favorite things about fall are the scents.  Our favorite store to shop for new perfumes and lotions is Bath & Body Works. Today we will be showing you the scents in their new fall collection.


Fine Fragrance Mists: $14.00

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
This scent is literally fall in a bottle!  A lovely combination of pumpkin, apple, and vanilla, spiced up with some cinnamon.

Dreamy Vanilla Woods
We have an obsession with vanilla scents, and this is my new favorite.  Spray on this blend of creamy vanilla, white orchid, and saffron woods to smell amazing!

Brown Sugar & Fig
A sweet blend of figs, coconut milk, and caramelized brown sugar.  
I was actually taken by surprise with this scent.  At first I thought it would be too sweet to wear, but I ended up liking it a lot.  Perfect for fall!

Honey Autumn Apple
This mixture of fresh apples, nectarines, and a touch of honey will be sure to leave a lasting effect.  Personally it's not one of my favorites from the fall collection, but other people love it!

On their website, Bath & Body Works also included "Twilight Woods," "Warm Vanilla Sugar," "Japanese Cherry Blossom," and "Sensual Amber" in their fall collection.  However, those scents have been out for sale earlier.

Here are some photos:

Right now at Bath & Body Works there is a sale going on for body mists:

Buy 3 Get 2 Free 
Buy 2 Get 1 Free


School Days: Dress up your Jeans!

School Days: Dress up your Jeans!

Paige Denim long jeans

Backpack bag

Fancy ring
$16 - topvintage.nl

Want to dress up your typical boring pair of jeans? Here's how!
Start off with your favorite pair of denim jeans (Of course). Then, put on a collared, off-white button-up top. Kind of boring, right? Spice up your outfit with a red blazer and some cute, darker red ballet flats. (Red is a huge trend this fall)
Accessorize with an adorable mustache necklace and matching ring. Swipe some cream blush onto your cheeks for a rosy glow that will last all day, and finish with your favorite lip balm to keep your lips soft and moisturized. Finally, grab your backpack and head out the door!
You're ready for school looking chic, trendy, and put-together while feeling comfy in your jeans.

Copyright © 2012 Tiana of THIRTEEN. All rights reserved.



We are SO sorry about not posting in awhile...again. Both of our families are away on vacation right now so we haven't had time to get together and make a post. We promise we'll blog as much as we can once we get back home! Until then, enjoy our blog and check out our polyvore! :)


Kendall & Tiana

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Summer Accessories & Other Items Haul

We know, this post is REALLY late...sorry!  Summer's almost over :'(

Today we are going to be doing a haul on Summer Accessories & Other Items. This is the second part of our "Summer Clothing Haul." Hope you all enjoy, and let's get started!


This is a simple gold necklace with a heart pendant. Perfect for everyday wear.(I also got this in silver) 

A set of eight silver bangles "Dimpled Bangles".  Lightweight.

A cute peach & cream colored bow ring. Love it! I've been wearing this everyday. :)  

A simple silver ring with heart cut-outs. 

SHOP NOW: http://www.claires.com

Bags & Purses

A striped messenger styled bag with an adjustable strap. So many bright summer colors! Original price unknown.
(On sale for $12)

SHOP NOW: http://www.aeropostale.com

A navy blue messenger bag/tote- perfect for school and all those books!
$98 (?)

SHOP NOW: http://www.abercrombie.com

I've mentioned this bag before!  A bright pink and red makeup/travel bag.
Price unknown.

SHOP NOW: http://www.stevemadden.com

Click "Read More" to find out what else we bought!


150 Followers Giveaway

Hey Girls!

Today we would like to announce a fairly big giveaway we will be doing once we hit 150 followers!

One lucky winner will receive a few of our favorite items including the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (with included lip gloss), St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Facial Scrub, Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm, and a few other products that we haven't decided on yet.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub

Maybelline Baby Lips - Pink Punch

All of our current followers have been so nice to us as we are new to the blogging world. If you guys can help us reach 150 followers, we would love to give one of you something special for all    of your support.

More details about this giveaway will be announced once we actually hit 150 followers, but for now, have a lovely day!


Kendall & Tiana

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Blog Hopping

Today we are excited to tell you all about some cool blog hops!  THIRTEEN has joined the BBU Blog Hop, Blog Love Therapy, and the Beauty Blog Hop!

Blog hopping is a fun way to meet other bloggers and get more followers on your own blog.  It's fun and easy, so try it out!

Kendall & Tiana


Liebster Blog Award

First of all, we apologize for not posting in awhile.  This past week our families went camping together.  And that meant no internet...don't worry, we survived.  ;)  Anyways, we had a ton of fun, but now we're ready to start posting again!

Without further ado, we are happy to announce that we've been nominated for the Liebster Award!
The wonderful Hannah from Lights. Camera. Fashion. awarded us.  Thank you so much Hannah!  She has been very kind to us from the very beginning of our blog.  :)

The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is German and it means sweetest, kindest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

• Each person must post 11 random facts about themselves to get to know the blogger.
• Answer the 11 questions that the person who awarded you posted to be answered.
• Choose 11 people to whom you want to award this.
• Tell them that you nominated them.
• And last, make up 11 questions for the next person to answer.

11 Random Facts About Kendall:
1. My favorite magazine is Seventeen.  Every issue is so fun to read, and I look forward to receiving it in the mail.  I learn something new in every edition!
2. This summer I volunteered at the library with my friend, and later I will be helping out at an elementary school.
3. I prefer shorts over jeans.  Jeans go with just about anything, but they can get too hot!  Shorts on the other hand are stylish, comfortable, and don't make my legs catch on fire.
4. My favorite actress/famous person is Shay Mitchell!  I love watching her on Pretty Little Liars, and absolutely adore her style as well.
5. One of my all-time favorite book series is "The Summer Series" by Jenny Han.  Her series is made up of three wonderful books including: "The Summer I Turned Pretty", "It's Not Summer Without You", and "We'll Always Have Summer."  I am obsessed with these books!
6. My favorite summer treat is ice cream!  It tastes so delicious- especially on a hot day.  I like pretty much any flavor.  :)
7. Right now my nails are painted cute little pastel-colored cupcakes.  I followed missglamorazzi's tutorial on how to make this simple and cute design. 
8. This morning I ate bread with Nutella spread on top.  I have been loving Nutella- so yummy!  I can't believe that it's considered healthy because it tastes so good!
9. Today I am wearing PINK Fresh & Clean Body Mist by Victoria's Secret.  This scent is so light and it smells great.  I wear it so often!
10. I can't wait until the iPhone 5 comes out!  Hopefully I will get it for my birthday or for Christmas.  If not, I'll just have to buy it myself. 
11. I love playing cards.  During summer school my friends and I would sit down between classes and play a bunch of card games.  My favorite is Egyptian War.  :)

11 Random Facts About Tiana:
1. A few of my favorite Youtubers are Macbarbie07, missglamorazzi, freshblush, and bubzbeauty. All of their videos are so informative and fun to watch!
2. I love red velvet cupcakes! (Especially with cream cheese frosting!) Even though they're just chocolate with red food coloring, I think is tastes better than plain chocolate. 
3. My favorite summer colors are mint, coral, and turquoise! They're all so pretty and make me happy.
4. Some of my favorite nail polishes are China Glaze "For Audrey," "Ruby Pumps," Essie's "Bikini So Teeny," and O.P.I's "Lunch at the Delhi."
5. My mom is a teacher at an elementary school (Kendall and I are going to help there for community service this summer.) My dad is a physician (he's a radiologist.)
6. I am extremely involved in music. I play the flute, piano, harp, and guitar. 
7. I am a teen model as well as a beauty queen. I started modeling in sixth grade and I won my first pageant in seventh. Throughout the experience, I have gained so much confidence and have met so many amazing friends. I've also learned a lot about beauty and fashion along the way!
8. Some of my favorite scents are "Be Enchanted" and "Warm Vanilla Sugar" from Bath and Body Works, and "Vanilla Lace" and "Ravishing Love" from Victoria's Secret's Garden Collection.
9. My current favorite book series is "Pretty Little Liars" by Sara Shepard. I can read those books over and over and not get tired of them! My favorite series as a young child was "The Boxcar Children."
10. I have normal/combination skin. My nose is oily, but my chin is dry! The rest of my face is pretty normal, though.
11. One of my favorite physical traits about myself it my hair! It's extremely easy to manage and it is naturally smooth and straight. 

Click "Read More" to read more of our answers and find out who we nominated!